Wilson v. Glass, Round Two

by Mara

Last night I went to a midnight screening of Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk With Me. It was hilarious and poignant and I highly recommend it. However, Mike Birbiglia’s good friend and benefactor, Ira Glass, was there to shake hands and thank people for coming. As some of you already know, Mr. Glass and I aren’t on the best terms. When it came time for him to shake my hand, the following exchange happened:

IRA GLASS: Hi, I’m Ira.

ME: Yes, we’ve met before.

IRA GLASS: We have? When?

ME: Last year, at the opening of “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.” You were pretty rude to me.

IRA GLASS: Oh, right. And then you wrote about it.

ME (Trying to hide my shock and hoping my heart does not beat its way out of my chest): Yeah, I did.

IRA GLASS: I’m sorry about that, I think I was in a hurry…

ME: Well, still, you should be nice to people who recognize you. I’m nice to the people who recognize me. I still love the show, though. (Exit into the theatre.)

The good news is, Ira Glass knows I exist and apologized to me. The bad news is, I am never, ever going to be on This American Life.