Sorry, Blog.

by Mara

The past few weeks have been a bit hectic for me. My brother got married, my friend/director Max Reuben and I finalized a cast for the FringeNYC production of my play Sheeple, 1 my Cracked article was published, I was on Katie Couric’s show, my Cracked article kind of went viral, I was on Australian TV, 2 I was on NPR, I got my 23andMe test results back, 3 and had yet another of my regularly-scheduled sinus infections. This weekend I’m going to L.A. for some work on special features for the Matilda Blu-Ray, and in a week and half I will be on my favorite podcast, Welcome to Night Vale4 And this is only the stuff I’ve been told I don’t have to keep secret.

In other words: sorry, blog. No, no, it’s not you — I’ve just been busy, you know? There have been things to do and — no, no, I do want to keep working on you, I just… It’s just me, you know? I’ve got my own stuff going on. But you’re still special to me, OK? No one allows me to say whatever I want like you do. And I have a new entry coming soon! Like in an hour or so. So we’re cool, right?


  1. We had to do some of it by video, as I was out of state at the wedding. When I showed my sister an auditioning actor’s demo reel, she looked surprised and said, “Why did he put this on the internet? It’s so personal!” She hadn’t realized the monologue he was doing was scripted. He got cast.
  2. I have no idea what the Ewok joke was about, either.
  3. 99% European and likely to develop Restless Legs Syndrome.
  4. Be sure to listen to at least the first few episodes before you listen to mine!