People I Know And Love

If it’s someone’s name, they are probably an actor, comedian, or a musician (and it is also possible that they are a combination of any two or all three of those things.) If it is a phrase, it’s likely a comedy group or a theater company I find funny and/or inspiring.

Anna Drezen

Annie Dow

Aubrey Wood


Danny Devito

Danny Jolles

Fresh Ground Pepper

F*ck! I’m In My Twenties

Idyllwild Arts – This is where I disappeared to for a few years. It was wonderful.

Gentlemen Party

Jenny Donoghue

Jenny Jaffe

Kira Hesser

Lisa Jakub – I love Lisa so much. She was my sister in Doubtfire and is like a sister to me in real life, too.

Max Reuben

Missed Connection

Next Time On Lonny

Political Subversities

Posing With Friends

Rachel Bloom

Shafted Writers

Tenured Faculty

Welcome To Night Vale

Zelda Knapp