by Mara

I hope everyone who celebrates holidays around this time of year had some good ones! Anyway, enough general greetings, I have two things to share.

First, I was on a podcast! RISK! is one of my favorite podcasts: think of an R-rated Moth or This American Life. It’s very much for an 18+ audience.┬áMy story does not have to do with sex or drugs or illegal activities, but the stories on RISK! often do. Some stories are on there simply because they’re personal (case in point.) I suggest you listen to the whole episode, but if you want to find my story, I’m about thirty-three minutes in.

Also, I now have a list of Frequently Asked Questions! Please take a look at it before contacting me! IT WILL ANSWER EVERYTHING AND MAKE ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! Or at least keep you from staying awake all night wondering about Matilda 2.