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Answers For My Younger Self

Dear Young Mara, Hey, you! It’s me, you at twenty-seven. I’m here to tell you one of your biggest dreams is coming true: you’re going to be an author! Congratulations! It’s finally happening. While I’m here, though, is there anything you want to know? Yes, you can ask anything. Yes, I’m going to answer your questions like […]

Mara’s Kitchen #8: How To Smash a Glass Bottle of Olive Oil all Over Your Kitchen And Spend the Next Three Hours Cleaning It Up!

Welcome back to Mara’s Kitchen! Last time, I showed you How to Toast Bread in a Toaster Oven. (For those who missed it, the trick is to switch the setting from “Bake” to “Toast!”) Today, I was going to show you How to Make Cereal, but I’m switching it up a bit. Here is How […]

Advice From Auntie Mara

One of the potential benefits of having an “interesting” childhood is that you get to make many of your biggest mistakes young. Ideally, you will then be able to reflect on them and move on. And, if you have a blog, you will be able to share some of your reflections with the world! Huzzah! […]