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The Crush Feedback Loop (And News!)

Obligatory pre-post preamble: While I have been trying to update more frequently, in the next few weeks (and months) I am changing jobs and will likely not have much time to blog. However, if you are in New York, you can see me tell stories live at The Jukebox Show at Union Hall on June 11th, and […]

Top Girl: The Game for Everyone!

When I was ten years old, a company called Purple Moon (in keeping with the rule that any company with a female target audience needs to work in a reference to the moon at some point) had just developed a series of computer games for preteen girls. They were simple story games set in middle […]

Armond White Reviews an Elementary School Holiday Pageant

Note: I, not Armond White, wrote this about a year ago. In real life, I share almost none of this man’s opinions (though Google has informed me that we both love Motown and Scott Pilgrim Versus The World.) Additionally, a friend recently pointed out that this was reminiscent of the story Front Row With Thaddeus […]