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Things I’ve Been Doing

So I’ve been busy working on my book. Yes, actually working on it, not procrastinating. You can expect a new blog post in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, here are some things I’ve been doing! I’m featured on The Toast, one of my favorite websites! I wrote about The B.Y. Times, a now […]

Updates, and a Note on Night Vale

So, once again, it’s been a while. But can you blame me? (Well, I guess you couldn’t, but don’t.) I’ve been busy. First, I’m promoting and performing my storytelling and comedy show What Are You Afraid Of? It’s all about fears and phobias, dealing with them, and laughing at them. If you are in the […]

Regarding The Nostalgia Critic

One of my (perhaps few) virtues is that I can admit when I’m wrong. Last week, I was wrong. I was still reeling from the press onslaught and not in the best mood when, once again, someone told me they had found my Facebook page through the Nostalgia Critic. They pointed out, once again, that he […]

Sometimes I Write, and Sometimes I Do Other Stuff

Here are two quick examples of the latter: 1. I am on a podcast! Listen to me tell a story (about being a little Jewish girl in a Christmas movie) with some amazingly talented people. All credit is due to Emma, of the hilarious and deservedly popular blog FUCK! I’m in my twenties. 2. Remember […]